*Available at 11 AM services

How To Access Spanish Translation:

1. Connect to guest WIFI (GoFellowshipGuest) on your smart device

2. Download "Listen Everywhere" app
3. Open app, and select "Venue Scan"

4. Select "Great Oaks Fellowship" and select "Spanish Translation"

5. Put in your earbuds, and press play. 
    *Extra earbuds/adapters available at Welcome Desks

Expanding Our Reach

Both of our Sunday morning services are preached fully in English. However, during our  11 am services, a translator will be in a separate room providing a live translation of the pastor's message, and anyone attending those services on campus will have the option to tune into the translation of the service using assistive listening technology (ie. a smartphone and headphones).

Extra headphones and adapters will be available at both Welcome Desks.