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GO Serve Team



To create a worshipful, engaging, and distraction-free atmosphere for people to encounter Jesus and hear that Gospel. 


We exist to set the atmosphere for people to say yes to Jesus in every area of their lives.



  • Ensures that the Production Set experience is enhanced while reducing distractions

  • Knows who is on the team

  • Ensures that every Tech/Production team member is included as part of the overall team “family"

  • Loves and leads each team member well, even through constructive criticism

  • Oversees each of the other roles and ensure that duties are being satisfied

  • Should have the ability to coordinate with the worship leader on behalf of the Tech/Production team as required

  • Is aware of “special elements” of a Production Set (i.e. the Producer shall ensure they are kept in the loop on all aspects of the Production Set)

    • Examples: Transition flows (opening in prayer), Stage tools/props

  • Is aware of the tone and message of a Production’s associated Service so that it may be reinforced and supported by the Tech/Production & Worship team

  • Has a reasonable way to coordinate with other teams; e.g. Baptism team via a radio/specially routed microphone

  • Is aware of any new/abnormal system modifications required prior to/during a Production Set


House Audio Technician

  • Should regulate the max sound pressure level (SPL) between 89 and 95 dB

  • Shall ensure tracks/stems are present in the mix

  • Shall ensure that background vocals are mixed as a supporting instrument, similar to an acoustic guitar. 

  • Shall ensure that the drums and bass guitar are the foundation of the mix

  • Shall ensure that vocals sit on the “bed” that is the music; i.e. they should not necessarily be at the forefront of the mix

  • Shall ensure background vocals are in the background, supplementing the main singer (i.e. It’s not necessary for every vocalist to be heard at the same time).

  • Should apply effects (e.g. reverb and delay) to vocals, drums, and occasionally other instruments (guitar or piano) as is complimentary to the intended ambiance of the moment and under the guidance of the Producer

  • Shall ensure vocal effects are muted during speaking portions

  • Shall finalize a mix by the end of rehearsal which should not change drastically during the Production Set unless absolutely necessary


ProPresenter/Slides Operator

  • Shall be proficient enough in ProPresenter to do the following:

    • Import and properly format song lyrics

    • Import and format sermon slides (when necessary)

    • Make any changes to texts (song lyrics or sermon slides)

    • Import or change backgrounds on song lyrics

  • Shall coordinate with person in Lights position in selection of lyric backgrounds

  • Shall be undistracted and prompt/on time in displaying slides


Lighting Operator

  • Shall be proficient enough in LightKey to do the following:

    • Change color of lights

    • Change brightness of lights

    • Change position of lights

    • Program lighting effects (strobes, movement, etc.)

  • Shall properly illuminate subjects on stage. 

  • Shall be tasteful in selection of colors and positioning of lights, knowing the uses of each fixture, and mood/feel of each service element (i.e. songs). 

  • Shall coordinate with the team member in the ProPresenter position to choose color palette for each service element, and synchronize scene changes.


Camera Operator

  • Should frame the speaker (e.g. worship leader, pastor, etc.) from the waist up above the head with reasonable margin above, and on either side, of the subject.

  • Shall be tasteful with shots, focusing on featured moments (i.e. speaker during message/offering, worship leader, guitar player during a prominent part, etc.)

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