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GO Serve Team

Student Ministry


To see the younger generation rally together to encounter and carry the presence of God.


Connecting with students, caring for students, and equipping students.


Fellowship Groups Team

Fellowship Group Leaders facilitate Group discussions on Wednesday nights and check in personally with students weekly (by text, phone call, meeting in public, etc). They also plan Fellowship Nights for their group to gather outside of church and engage in an activity together.


Events Team

Event Leaders assist in planning and preparing special events for student gatherings. This includes special holidays, occasions, and seasonal events. If special events need any materials, planning, or set-up, the events team is on it!


Connect Team

Connect Leaders represent the face of our ministry to first-time guests and returning students. They are intentional about including and engaging with students every week. They ensure to leave no student behind or alone and set a welcoming atmosphere at the check-in station and VIP section.


Creative & Communications Team

Creative & Communication Leaders assist in social media posts, graphic design, photography & videography, and event promotion. They engage students through social media and other creative means to connect, care, and equip students.


Worship Team

The Worship Team leads students into battle by declaring God's truth through song. Whether leading by an instrument or voice, how Leaders model worship has a major influence on students, and the worship team are the front runners in modeling this.


Production Team

Production Leaders work in the unseen operating soundboards, lighting, and service flow direction. They create a non-distracting yet engaging atmosphere for students to encounter God in a corporate setting.

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