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GO Serve Team

Prayer Ministry

Our prayer team is a group of intercessors who pray with those walking through our doors. They intercede on behalf of the worship and message. They have time during the service and after when they are available at the altar to pray with those who need prayer. At the end of service, they join our ushers in praying with those who have exchanged their life for the life of Jesus and providing them a bible.


Altar Ministry

Stand in front of the stage or in the back rows when invited by the worship leader/pastor. As people come forward for prayer, listen to their requests, then lay hands on them (if the person is comfortable and gives permission), and begin to pray over them and intercede on their behalf. 


Service Intercession

After the Altar Ministry, intercede backstage during the service for the pastor and congregation. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you. Take notes as led by the Holy Spirit and share what you prayed for and any specific words, directions, or revelations you received from the Holy Spirit with the prayer team in the Prayer Team Chat (and the pastor if applicable).


Salvation Call First Responder

Greet the person who raised their hand, hand them a Bible, talk with them briefly regarding their decision, and be willing to pray with them. Please wait for them to fill out the “First Responder Card” from and then drop it in one of the offering boxes. 


Weekly Prayer Requests

Pray for prayer requests that come in throughout the week, and when asked, reach out to individuals with submitted prayer requests and offer to pray with them over the phone.

Fill Out a Serve Form

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