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GO Serve Team

Baptism Ministry

For those who are ready to take that next step towards obedience by following Jesus in baptism, our Baptism Team is there to help them navigate their One Story and provide them with shirts, shorts, or other needs for baptism. They meet with anyone interested in baptism before service to walk them through not only the logistics but also the incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit that comes through getting baptized.


Meet baptism candidates in the Discovery Room, walk them through what to expect, and help them get set up with their T-shirt and One Statement. 

Assist the baptism candidate through the process during baptism by directing them at the right time, handing them off to the person baptizing them, and being ready with a towel afterward. 

Close off bathrooms for baptisms and provide people with their clothes and accessories afterward to change back into.

Clean up the floors between services. 

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