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The Great Oaks Prayer Room is a space for us to join together corporately for worship, prayer, and intercession as a church and city! It is our joy to serve the body of Christ by opening up a space to come and encounter Him!

How to Engage

We want you to encounter the Lord through prayer, worship, and reading His word. Feel free to take any posture that you feel led to in order to engage with the Lord! You can stand, pace, kneel, lie prostrate, raise your hands, etc. 

We want you to actively participate in the prayer room! Some think they’re worshiping because they’re watching - but worship and prayer aren’t spectator sports! Below are some practical ways you can participate while in the prayer room.

  • Read the Word

  • Journal prayers to the Lord

  • Pray quietly to the Lord

  • Sing

  • Pray-read the Word (pray God’s Word back to Him)

Harp and Bowl Model

The “harp & bowl” model is derived from Rev. 5:8, describing the Elders before the Throne of God with a “harp” in one hand and a “bowl of incense” in the other. It is the basic model of Great Oaks’ prayer meetings, combining both worship (harp) and prayer (bowl) flowing together in unity like it is in Heaven before the Throne of God. 

Devotional Set

These are times where the room will be open and will be an unformatted time for you to sit with the Lord. We will have either a worship leader providing background worship music, or we will have recorded music playing. These times are for you to personally engage with the Lord devotionally through prayer and reading His word.


  • Yes! We actually encourage families to bring their children along to the prayer room!

  • The prayer room may be closed on certain days due to holidays, special events at the church, and/or extreme weather conditions. Check the prayer room calendar for the most up to date schedule.

Prayer Room Etiquette

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31)


“All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. Let no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being.” (1 Cor. 10:23-24)


It is our joy to serve the Body of Christ by opening up space for prayer and worship. We govern the prayer room from the principle of love and endeavor to exercise our Christian freedom in restraint for the good of others. As such, we limit the extent of personal freedoms in the prayer room so that everyone can enjoy the Lord, visitors and staff alike. We ask that you would honor these guidelines, so that together we would honor the Lord and each other as we worship in the prayer room.


  • In order to maintain an atmosphere of prayer, please refrain from all conversations in the prayer room. The front and back lobbies may be used for conversations.

  • Personal volume should not exceed the platform volume. When singing or praying, please limit your volume so that it does not become a distraction to those around you.

  • No food in the prayer room. Please use a container with a spill-proof lid for drinks.



  • When praying for the sick or doing any type of ministry that is initiated from the platform, we encourage you to stand in front of the person you are praying for. Please ask permission before you touch them, and lay hands only on their shoulder, arm, or head, and keep your hands still (no rubbing, please).

  • Please do not play musical instruments in the prayer room unless given permission from the worship leader (i.e. Shofars, tambourines, etc.)


  • Parents, please keep your children with you at all times in the prayer room.

  • Please limit dancing, flags, or other props to the back aisle section of the worship center.



  • Please silence your cell phone and other electronics.



  • If you find yourself in a time of travail or other outer manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s work in you, please make your way to an open side room. We desire for you to have a place to express your heart with the Lord in a private context, while allowing others in the prayer room to engage with the Lord without distraction.

  • Please refrain from using your prayer language on the microphone during times of “rapid fire prayer.” We desire to remain respectful of others who may not have context for this in their walk with the Lord.

  • Please be respectful of staff who may be present in the prayer room to pray and worship and refrain from engaging in conversations with them regarding questions about the church, events, or other “work-related” items. If you have a question, you may pick up a staff business card in the Discovery room and email them to set up an appointment to talk. We desire to be fully available to you and want to be able to give you the full attention you deserve!

  • Our priority is to keep Jesus front and center, and to do everything that we can, as we submit to the Holy Spirit, to prevent any distractions, intentional or unintentional.


Wednesdays | Noon | Great Oaks
Sundays | 6:00 PM | Overflow Worship & Prayer

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