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...and though perhaps he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.
 -William D Silkworth, MD

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The Home Group -Who's Sitting Next To You?
-Grapevine publication: March 1991

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:: The Washingtonians :: Index

Thanks to Jim B. of Canada who put together this presentation of text and articles on the Washingtonian Temperance Society. Jim originally had these articles on the web site of which is no longer online and placed here for historical & research purposes. has neither been approved or endorsed by and is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or any service entity of A.A.W.S., Inc. The Circle/Triangle logo is no longer in use by A.A.W.S., Inc.

The Foundation, Progress and Principles of The Washington Temperance Society of Baltimore, and The Influence It Has Had On The Temperance Movements In The United States.

The Washington Temperance Society of Baltimore
Chapter I - Foundation of The Society
Chapter II - Progress and Influence of The Society
Chapter III - Missionaries
Chapter IV - The Temperance Cause Before
Chapter V - Results
Chapter VI - Principles of The Washington Society Experience
The Missionary Spirit
Our Pledge
Politics And Religion

The Washingtonian Movement by Milton A. Maxwell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology, State College of Washington, Pullman, Washington

The Washingtonian Movement - Introduction
The Baltimore Origins
The Spread Of The Movement
Duration Of The Movement
Numerical Success
Organization And Procedure
The Causes Of Decline
Comparison With Alcoholics Anonymous

The Washingtonians - Chapter VI - The Temperance Reform and its Great Reformers
Excerpted from The Temperance Reform and its Great Reformers by Rev. W.H. Daniels, A.M., published 1878.

The following, rather long, extract describes the Washingtonians and one of their star speakers as they were seen from the perspective of the latter part of the 19th century--years after their decline to little more than a fond memory in the minds of temperance advocates.

The Washingtonians - Chapter VI - The Temperance Reform and its Great Reformers

JOURNAL OF STUDIES ON ALCOHOL, VOL. 39 (9), 1591-1606, 1978.*
The Institutional Phase of The Washingtonian Total Abstinence Movement
A Research Note
Leonard U. Blumberg

The Institutional Phase of The Washingtonian Total Abstinence Movement
Sources Of Information

The Significance of The Alcohol Prohibitionists For The Washington Temperance Societies
With Special Reference to Paterson and Newark, New Jersey
Leonard U. Blumberg*

The Significance of The Alcohol Prohibitionists For The Washington Temperance Societies

Gragevine Articles of The Washingtonians
The following articles are Copyrighted by The A.A. Grapevine, Inc.

History Offers Good Lesson for A.A., July 1945
Modesty One Plank For Good Public Relations, August 1945
"Rules" Dangerous, But Unity On Public Policies Vital To Future Of AA., September 1945
Lest We Travel Path Of Washingtonians, July 1947
Washingtonians - by Richard Ewell Brown, December 1948
Washingtonians (conclusion) - by Richard Ewell Brown, January 1949
A Grapevine Milestone Report, Washington, Lincoln and Temperance In Their Times, February 1953
Before They Had AA, How Some Basic AA Ideas Were Tried Out Nearly A Century And A Quarter Ago...The Washingtonians:, October 1962
Abraham Lincoln On Alcoholism, february 1964
The Washingtonians, February 1971
Our Lawyer Friend, February 1972
A Reminder And A Warning..., July 1976
Fragments Of AA History,The Washingtonians, January 1991
Washingtonians, Where Are They Now?, February 1995
GV References

*Posted with permission from Alcohol Research Documentation, Inc., publisher of the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol (now the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs []

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